Love At 1st Taste

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Being the foodie that I am I had to share!

The question of the day……Do you believe in LoVe at 1st taste?



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I’ve Become A Bit Of A Snob

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A few months ago I discovered this Vlog on YouTube called It’s July’s Life… not only am I addicted so are my kid’s. Let’s get back to how that vlog ties into my newly discovered snobbery.  So on the Vlog’s it follows the daily life of a family. The husband/father of the family, Benji…….was raving about Kerrygold Butter. So I wanted to see what all the hype was about.  I couldn’t find it at any of my local grocery stores.

So one day on a trip to Trader Joe’s (which by the way the 2 closes to me are 35-45 minutes away)……I found the butter. I have to admit this butter is sooooooooooo good. Takes your food to another level and a little goes a long way. Since this butter isn’t always convenient to find I had to find a backup. Which is equally good and nearly the same in price……..Organic Valley’s European Style Cultured Butter.


Now that I’ve tried these 2 butters…..I can’t go back to anything else and this is the story of how I became a butter snob. Tell me something that you’ve tried and you just can’t go back to anything else.

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Korean Double Fried Chicken Wingettes

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This dish was a special treat for my daughter’s aka sous chef. My girls “LOVE” wingettes and I am always looking for new way’s to make them. All the while teaching them how to cook. Last week we were on youtube looking for some recipe’s they would actually eat, we were successful. It can be trying to find new thing’s for them to try, since they are super taster aka very picky eaters. We now use the term super tasters instead of picky because of a school assignment. The assignment breaks down why some people are selective eaters,  etc. I must say the assignment was very informative and gives me a better understanding on their food likes and dislikes.  Now that we are informed let’s jump into the wingettes that were a must try.

I have fried wingettes before but never with this technique. This technique made the wingettes very crunchy and juicy on the inside.

Ok so let’s get started

12 wingettes (or more I just made a small batch for the family)
1/2 tsp paprika, garlic powder, onion powder, black pepper
1/8 tsp of powdered ginger
1/4 tsp Sea Salt
3/4 Cup of Cornstarch
Oil for frying (I used


Clean wingettes and dry thoroughly. ( I soak my wingettes in water and 1/4 cup of vinegar) for 20 minutes and dry. Place in a large bowl.

Put all season into a bowl and mix together. (EXCEPT THE SALT)

Heat oil in a frying pan to 350°

While your oil is heating, add your seasoning to the wingettes and fully coat each wingette.



Roll the wingettes into the cornstarch and fully coat.


Fry in small batches of 4 to 6 wingettes at a time for 10-12 minutes. Remove and place in a bowl lined with paper towel to drain excess oil. Once your wingettes have been fried once it’s time for the second fry. Place 4 to 6 wingettes back in the oil for another 10- 12 minutes.

Once done immediately add salt.


Drizzle with (honey or maple syrup and a few dashes of hot sauce) Boy oh Boy these are a great treat every once in a while.

Enjoy…..we certainly did…lol.

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DIY Cartoon Character Sweatshirt Tutorial

I am always looking on Pinterest or Youtube for Great DIY and Crafting Projects to do with my kids.  Well I found a great one and now it’s time to share.

So the character for this tutorial is BADTZ-MARU (from Hello Kitty)


Here are the supplies


You can sew on the felt pieces or use glue.  We sewed the pieces onto the sweatshirt to ensure that the pieces will hold up well  after being washed.

A sweatshirt ( I purchased this item from Walmart for $6.00) If they don’t have the color or size you want in women’s or girl’s…….check the men’s & boy’s section.   My daughter wanted black but it was not available in her size… we headed to the men’s section and found just what she needed.

Felt in (white, black, yellow or orange) I purchased 5 pieces of felt for $1.00 @ Hancock Fabric’s.

Coordinating thread to match the color of the felt if sewing on.

Now for step by step directions check out this video below.

My kid’s really enjoyed this project and wore them the next day.  They already have the next shirt in mind.  So all in all this was a really fun and simple project.

Enjoy & Until Next Time,


DIY Fishtail Peplum Dress Tutorial

So this was my weekend to get some sewing projects completed.  I can officially remove one from the list.  I also noticed that my daughter’s keep finding things for me to make for them. I have to do something about that….lol. Onto the fishtail peplum dress.  It took me 3 hours to complete……..because I was doing, laundry, cleaning and cooking dinner in between.

My model bailed on me aka my 13-year-old….so I had to use my mannequin.

The tutorial was pretty easy to follow. It allows you to add your personal touches. I will certainly try this again.

To make this dress check out the video below. Thank you c/o of DIYMeesha for the video.

Happy sewing and until next time,

Sewloveable 😀

DIY Easy To Sew Tutorial for a Tulip/Half Peplum Skirt and a Cynthia Rowley Pattern Giveaway

Now that I have the fabric’s needed it’s time to start some of my long list of projects.

So first on the list is a Tulip aka Half Peplum Skirt for my daughter.  This skirt was very easy to make. It takes about and hour and requires 1 1/4 yard of fabric


To make this skirt watch this step by step Tutorial c/o DIYMEESHA


It’s time for the Giveaway

DSCF2383  Fits Bust  30 1/2″- 44″   Waist  23″- 37″

To enter just like or leave a comment.  The giveaway will run from August 23rd-28th.  With the winner being announced August 29th @ 1 pm est.  I will ship the pattern world wide so enter for your chance to win.

Enjoy and Happy Sewing!!! 🙂

Mixing the Old with the New

A few weeks ago I had an event to attend for 3 days.  So prior to attending I did a little shopping for it.   My store of choice was Belk, which just happens to be the sponsor of one of my favorite shows Project Runway Season 12.  When I walk in the store they are having an amazing sell.  The entire store is marked down with additional discounts on the mark down prices.  I was one “Happy Shopper” to say the least.  So here is what I ended up buying and ways that I did and will pair it.




This is how I wore it for the event.

The red necklace (old from Jcpenny)  The Navy Lace Top (Target)  Mustard Skirt (Belk)

What I love about the skirt and the top is that they will work with many other pairings from my existing wardrobe.   Also the pieces can be worn all year round with simple tweaks in my pairing choices.



DSCF2275                DSCF2276

Here is a way I will pair it in the fall.  I love to play around and mix colors

Burgundy lace 3/4 sleeve top  old (New York & Co.)  Necklace old (Target) Mustard Skirt (Belk)








The dress (Belk) The Necklace Old and I can’t remember if it came from (Burlington Coat Factory or JCPenny)

I was drawn to this dress because of the colorful print and the fact with simple changes like adding a cardigan, jacket, different accessories or changing the shoes would make it look new with every wear of the dress.


DSCF2278 DSCF2279




DSCF2288 DSCF2289






DSCF2286 DSCF2285

Magenta Pink Dress (Belk)  Black Jacket Elie Tahari Old (Consignment Shop)  Neon Yellow/Green Cardigan Old (Target)  Pearl and Crystal Necklace (JCPenny)  Multi Color Necklace Old (Burlington Coat Factory)

I loved the bold color of this dress and the fact that it is lace.  This dress can be paired in many, many ways with simple changes, like belting it etc.  If your looking for ideas on different ways to wear your clothing check out the blog Wendyslookbook.  I love her blog and youtube videos.  She has a sensational sense of style and really gets you to think outside the box with the way you wear your clothes.


Enjoy and Happy Fashionable Pairings ☺

African Threading Natural Hair Protective Style

About 3 years ago my daughters an I went Natural and we did the big chop together. My girls were tired of perms…….so I said let’s go natural… more chemicals. Such a wonderful choice. So before I had us dive in I did my research.

After reading lots of material and watching many YouTube videos. I was ready but not sure if my girls were up for the big chop. Shockingly they were game and we did it together, which made it a even greater experience.

Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago…..while on YouTube looking simple and quick protective styles. I stumbled upon African Threading.  I have been eagerly wanting to give it a try. So last night I set aside the time. I absolutely LOVE THIS TECHNIQUE.
It’s a great way to stretch the hair and a wonderful way to do protective styling. I like it better than a twist out.  I look forward to trying this again. For my first time it turned out pretty well.

Oh before I forget you can buy the thread at your local beauty supply store.  It’s the same thread used to sew in weaves, which is also the same thread used on  Serger Sewing Machine. I discovered this when I went to buy it at the beauty supply. So if you can’t find it at the beauty supply, check your local craft stores.  Your craft stores will have more color options which will allow you to better match your hair color. The beauty supply only had black. Be sure that the thread is 100% polyester. You can get 3000 yards for around $3.00 give or take.  It looks like this.


Here is the quick protective style




To learn this technique check out the following video tutorial’s by  GirlsLoveYourCurls




This video will show you how to remove the African Threading


Enjoy!!!!!! 😀