DIY Vest Transitioning Into Fall With Simplicity Pattern 1284

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Lately, I have been into watching 1950’s & 1960’s classic movies. Of course, when you watch movies from those era’s you fall in love with the fashion.

Inspiration from those movies…eventually led me to find a great 1960’s vintage pattern.

Seeing the pattern….I immediately knew what I was going to make View D (the vest) of this pattern first.

I had leftover fabric from a previous sewing project which you can see here. Which I thought would be great. I get to mix vintage and modern.

With everything falling into place. Off to my sewing room, I go to bring my vision to life.

When I am sewing I put on a great movie or music I really love and just enjoy myself. The kids pop in and out….just to see how things are going and chit-chat a bit. When I’m in my sewing room my creativity just flows…..and I just enjoy the process.

This pattern was easy to follow. My only issue is I wish the pattern offered the option of adding a lining. Which gives the vest more ease with putting it on and taking off.

I made this pattern with the following alterations….

~ added a satin lining
~ omitted the facing on the arm holes


All in all, this was a great project, that I really enjoyed making this vintage pattern with a modern twist with my choice of textile.


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Why my sewing machine breaking was the best thing that could have happened???

Hello everyone,

I have been in the sewing mood. With tons of projects and ideas in mind. While working on a project last week. The unthinkable happened. My sewing machine stop stitching properly. I tried trouble shooting only for it to continue acting up. So I took it to be repaired only to be disappointed by the gentleman at the repair shop. He was so busy trying to sell me a Bernina and showed no interest in even looking at my Janome. So I left feeling sad, discouraged and disappointed. That machine was a great little work horse.

Once I got home and pulled myself together…..I decided to take a friends advice that she’d given me years in advance. After, all she’s been sewing for over 40 year’s. She said all metal machines are the best. They last for a long time and just sew better. I decided that I was going to get a replacement sewing machine but it would have to meet my requirements. Which I only had a few.

1. All metal (vintage) in very good condition.
2. Heavy duty
3. At least 10 stitch settings.
4. Easy to use.
5.$100.00 or less.

Now could I actually find something that meets my needs/requirements?

Would I stick to my list of requirements…. mostly not going over the set budget?

So my first thought is to try eBay. I was surprised at the number of machines that met all of my requirements. So I watched a few. Hoping to win….one in particular. If I can’t win my first choice I have a few others as backup’s to bid on.

Saturday rolls around. I check and the machine only has 1 bid and the auction ends at 6:30 p.m. The kid’s an I head out running errands and around 5:30 we head to get some dinner. They want pizza from Whole Food’s which is perfect. I can get the item’s on my list from there and grab dinner.

The clock strikes 6:20 p.m. I check on the auction, still only the 1 bid…..yes. It get’s down to the final few seconds I swoop in and win the machine for $52.00. I am so excited. I got the machine that met my needs and best of all under budget……$52.00 + $24.95 shipping for a total of $76.95.

The Machine arrives 4 day’s later. Just as pictured in great condition. It’s a vintage Necchi. This machine sews like a dream. The speed and stitch quality are just sensational. I am so pleased. So much so, that I whipped up 6 skirt’s in 2 day’s. I can’t believe it. It’s funny how my machine breaking ended up being the best thing that could’ve happened. Although I was sad to let my Janome go….the Necchi won me over at first stitch.



This was a great lesson learned. That sometime’s mishaps can be just what you need.

I would love to know, what mishap have you had that actually turned out great in the end?

Until Next Time,

Sewloveable ☺