The World’s Best and Easiest DIY Seasoning and Broth Mix That You Will Ever Make ( Vegan + Soy-free + Gluten-free )

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So this recipe came about out of pure laziness. I don’t usually advocate laziness but in, this case it actually paid off. I was just at the grocery store and I realized that I didn’t buy enough vegetable broth which I need for tonight’s dinner. I’m home all comfortable ready to make dinner so going back out to the store is totally out of the question. I decide to throw some things together and make a broth mix of my own and hope for the best. Since it turned out AMAZING I had to share. It also turns out that this mixture is great for seasoning veggies, salad dressing, and more. The blend is vegan but if you’re a meat and or seafood eater it works wonderfully as well!

I just want to say an optimistic viewpoint can really turn just about anything into something great!

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Place all ingredients in an air-tight container and shake well to get everything evenly mixed.

To use this mix use 1 Tbsp of the broth mix to every 1 Cup of water and boil on a medium heat for 20 minutes. Allow your broth to cool a bit and pour the mixture through a fine mesh strainer.It’s that simple and it will taste like you have spent hours making this savory broth. For use as a seasoning, I usually use 1-2 tsp for veggies and a bit more meat and seafood.

Now anytime you and I are in need of broth or a great seasoning mix we will have it when we need it.

This recipe yields 24 cups of broth.

I hope you will give this recipe a try, use and enjoy it as much as I do.

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I will show you in upcoming, post the many ways I use this mix!

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