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A few months ago I got a few emails from a few lovely reader’s who asked if I could share a really quick and easy sewing project.

So one day while perusing around on Pinterest. I saw this cute and casual look that Olivia Palermo was wearing and thought my oldest would love a look and this is just the type of DIY my reader’s were emailing me about. I hope you enjoy this really quick and easy DIY Project.


For this project, I used the following item’s…….

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A sweatshirt (you can also use a sweater any color you desire)
Zippers (2)
Coordinating thread

This is a project that can be done by hand if you don’t have a sewing machine.

At the side seams of your shirt, you are going to place your zipper as pictured below. Cut your shirt a 1/2″ shorter than your zipper. Install your zipper.

Now pair a plaid button down underneath.


My daughter opted for a blue/grey sweatshirt so that she can wear it with various plaid shirts underneath which will give her more versatility.


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DIY Stella McCartney Inspired Sweatshirt

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It’s sharing time.  I have seen this sweatshirt online and in magazine and I just love, love, love it.  Since the sweatshirt is over $700……I thought it would be a great idea to do a more affordable DIY Version of it.


This was a very easy project. So let’s get started…..


Felt or 1/4 yard of red, black, yellow, and white ponte roma knit fabric
Gold, Silver or White Glitter
White Beads
Mod Podge
E 600 glue
Aleene’s fabric glue
Fray Check
Clear Gloss Acrylic Sealer


Start by printing out the heart and lip shape. Links below to one’s I used.

(Note I cut 2 yellow hearts because I cover 1 with gold glitter.)

Heart template

Lip template

Use your heart and lip cut out as a pattern for your felt or fabric. Cut out all 6 shapes.

(Note I folded the paper shape in half and cut out the shape on the fold because it’s just simpler. )

(Note I cut 2 yellow hearts because 1 of them will be decorated with gold glitter.)

Now that all your shapes are
cut out use fray check on the edges if you use fabric. (If you use felt this step is not required.)


Now let’s start “glittering”
Take a heart a cover it in Mod Podge

Now cover with glitter

Shake off excess glitter
Spray with glossy finishing spray let this dry.

Repeat the same process with the white lips.


Now lay out your sweatshirt on a flat surface, placing magazines in between the sweatshirt. This will help prevent glue from seaping through to the other side.


Now that everything is dry glue all the fabric pieces using fabric glue to the sweatshirt

Now use E 600 to apply the jewels and beads.




Let everything dry overnight and enjoy wearing your shirt.
I really enjoyed this DIY. I had all the supplies on hand except for the sweatshirt. In total I spent $8.00 on this DIY Project. If I had to purchase all the supplies this DIY would have cost me around $30 or $40. Which is great in comparisons to spending over $700. I hope you give it a try, please let me know if you do. Happy crafting and creating.

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DIY Cartoon Character Sweatshirt Tutorial

I am always looking on Pinterest or Youtube for Great DIY and Crafting Projects to do with my kids.  Well I found a great one and now it’s time to share.

So the character for this tutorial is BADTZ-MARU (from Hello Kitty)


Here are the supplies


You can sew on the felt pieces or use glue.  We sewed the pieces onto the sweatshirt to ensure that the pieces will hold up well  after being washed.

A sweatshirt ( I purchased this item from Walmart for $6.00) If they don’t have the color or size you want in women’s or girl’s…….check the men’s & boy’s section.   My daughter wanted black but it was not available in her size…..so we headed to the men’s section and found just what she needed.

Felt in (white, black, yellow or orange) I purchased 5 pieces of felt for $1.00 @ Hancock Fabric’s.

Coordinating thread to match the color of the felt if sewing on.

Now for step by step directions check out this video below.

My kid’s really enjoyed this project and wore them the next day.  They already have the next shirt in mind.  So all in all this was a really fun and simple project.

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