Glamming Up Sweatshirt Fabric (DIY)

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It’s wonderful to be back with a new sewing project! In November, I injured some nerves in my neck/shoulder and back. As a result, I was unable to sew and do a lot of my normal day to day thing’s. So when I say I am “Happy” to be back I mean it more than words can say!

My 1st project of “2016”….. is something that I made for my oldest. I purchased this great black and white speckled sweatshirt fabric. Initially, I was going to make her a sweatshirt…….since it is sweatshirt material and all…..but I just wasn’t sold on the idea. FinalIy, I decided on  making a sweatshirt-style dress. That was until I saw an outfit that I thought would work perfectly with this speckled fabric.



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To make this inspired look, I used Simplicity pattern 2156 for the top with a few alterations and made a simple 1 seam circle skirt. For a tutorial on making a circle skirt, you can check out my previous post here  to see other ways I’ve used Simplicity 2156 pattern click here and here.

I decided to make a top and a skirt instead of making it into a dress like the inspired look.  I thought that doing so would give my daughter more versatility.  For the skirt, I had it to stop above the knee for more modesty.


All and all this was a very enjoyable project. It was my first time working with sweatshirt fabric and creating a bejeweled design and I must say the whole process was very therapeutic. My daughter was very happy to see the look come to life. And I was finally able to have a chance to use my new sewing tool which really cut down on my cutting time!

I would love to know…..what sewing tool can you not live without???


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