Michael Kors Star Studded Boots at a Fantastic Bargain

Can I just say I LOOOOVVVVVEEEE getting a good deal……you may hear this often…lol.  I bought these boots for my daughter recently from TJMAXX.  When I saw them I knew that they were totally her style.  The best part is they were on CLEARANCE for $15.00 marked down from $79.00
So I checked them out…..to find out that the zipper was broken on one boot…..which explained the drastic price reduction.



It’s a good thing I learned via Youtube how to repair a zipper a few months prior.  It was as simple as pulling off the zipper stop, taking the zipper completely off and threading it back on the zipper track.  Now attach new zipper stops which I already had on hand and tada all done.

I love getting a great deal and this was just that!!!!

Until Next Time