Why my sewing machine breaking was the best thing that could have happened???

Hello everyone,

I have been in the sewing mood. With tons of projects and ideas in mind. While working on a project last week. The unthinkable happened. My sewing machine stop stitching properly. I tried trouble shooting only for it to continue acting up. So I took it to be repaired only to be disappointed by the gentleman at the repair shop. He was so busy trying to sell me a Bernina and showed no interest in even looking at my Janome. So I left feeling sad, discouraged and disappointed. That machine was a great little work horse.

Once I got home and pulled myself together…..I decided to take a friends advice that she’d given me years in advance. After, all she’s been sewing for over 40 year’s. She said all metal machines are the best. They last for a long time and just sew better. I decided that I was going to get a replacement sewing machine but it would have to meet my requirements. Which I only had a few.

1. All metal (vintage) in very good condition.
2. Heavy duty
3. At least 10 stitch settings.
4. Easy to use.
5.$100.00 or less.

Now could I actually find something that meets my needs/requirements?

Would I stick to my list of requirements…. mostly not going over the set budget?

So my first thought is to try eBay. I was surprised at the number of machines that met all of my requirements. So I watched a few. Hoping to win….one in particular. If I can’t win my first choice I have a few others as backup’s to bid on.

Saturday rolls around. I check and the machine only has 1 bid and the auction ends at 6:30 p.m. The kid’s an I head out running errands and around 5:30 we head to get some dinner. They want pizza from Whole Food’s which is perfect. I can get the item’s on my list from there and grab dinner.

The clock strikes 6:20 p.m. I check on the auction, still only the 1 bid…..yes. It get’s down to the final few seconds I swoop in and win the machine for $52.00. I am so excited. I got the machine that met my needs and best of all under budget……$52.00 + $24.95 shipping for a total of $76.95.

The Machine arrives 4 day’s later. Just as pictured in great condition. It’s a vintage Necchi. This machine sews like a dream. The speed and stitch quality are just sensational. I am so pleased. So much so, that I whipped up 6 skirt’s in 2 day’s. I can’t believe it. It’s funny how my machine breaking ended up being the best thing that could’ve happened. Although I was sad to let my Janome go….the Necchi won me over at first stitch.



This was a great lesson learned. That sometime’s mishaps can be just what you need.

I would love to know, what mishap have you had that actually turned out great in the end?

Until Next Time,

Sewloveable ☺


DIY Easy To Sew Pencil Skirt

Hello all,

I love a simple quick and easy tutorial. I found a great tutorial on something I love…..the pencil skirt. It’s classicly timeless.




To make this skirt click here for the tutorial. Thank you to Elena Rosa Brown for a such a fantastic and easy to follow tutorial.

Enjoy & Until Next Time,


DIY Cartoon Character Sweatshirt Tutorial

I am always looking on Pinterest or Youtube for Great DIY and Crafting Projects to do with my kids.  Well I found a great one and now it’s time to share.

So the character for this tutorial is BADTZ-MARU (from Hello Kitty)


Here are the supplies


You can sew on the felt pieces or use glue.  We sewed the pieces onto the sweatshirt to ensure that the pieces will hold up well  after being washed.

A sweatshirt ( I purchased this item from Walmart for $6.00) If they don’t have the color or size you want in women’s or girl’s…….check the men’s & boy’s section.   My daughter wanted black but it was not available in her size…..so we headed to the men’s section and found just what she needed.

Felt in (white, black, yellow or orange) I purchased 5 pieces of felt for $1.00 @ Hancock Fabric’s.

Coordinating thread to match the color of the felt if sewing on.

Now for step by step directions check out this video below.

My kid’s really enjoyed this project and wore them the next day.  They already have the next shirt in mind.  So all in all this was a really fun and simple project.

Enjoy & Until Next Time,