So this week I have been getting through some sewing projects. It feels good to check another one off the list.

My 14 year old pick this fabric up over the summer for just $1.95.


It is a flannel. A project like this is great with a woven cotton or flannel. Which requires about 2- 2 1/2 yards of fabric.

I used a pair of her existing pants to make these.



You can also use a store bought pattern such as this, which is very easy to follow.


This is a great beginner project.

To make these from an existing pair of pants click here.

To make these from a store bought pattern click here.

Happy Sewing & Until Next Time,



Polka Dot Dolly Bow Headband Giveaway

Today I am in the giving mood. I must admit doing giveaways on my blog has been such a wonderful experience. I’m truly loving the sharing, kindness and creativity of so many bloggers.

So today’s giveaway is for a Dolly Bow headband.


I started designing these because they are the most comfortable and versatile hair accessory I’ve ever worn.

Onto the Giveaway……to win simply like or comment. The giveaway will run from August 19th-22nd.  With the winner being announced on August 23rd @ 1pm est.

Thank you to all who enter and best wishes.

A big Thank You to  Bianca of the blog The In Between Girls, who wore a cute outfit featuring a bow tie from a giveaway I did a few weeks back c/o Jonesmos.


Glitter and Stripes

Ok so back in the fall of 2012.  I was in TJMaxx, looking for some cute tops for my daughter’s.  Which was a bold move on my part because I was shopping without them being present.  Which majority of the time  this is a no no.  All mom’s of tweens and teen know EXCATLY what I mean…lol.

Well  I saw this one top in particular that  looked like something my youngest would really like.  Turns out she LOVED this knit striped top with a heart and love written on it.  For $19.99


So of course I felt like such a proud mother for two reason…….she liked it, she really liked it AND…..I did not have to make a trip to return anything.

She loves the top so much that she wears it every chance she gets  Then it dawned on me to copy the pattern and make her a short sleeve version.

So I headed to Hancock Fabric’s because they were having a great sale.

So there on the clearance table I find a great Jersey Knit with chocolate brown and cream stripes and “GLITTER”.

I only needed 1 yard of fabric…..Total cost $5.25…….and it only took about 40 minutes from cut to finish and that includes interruptions….lol.



To see a step by step tutorial on how to make this top click here.

The video is by Crafy Gemini…..who is sensational.  Her videos are truly helpful and very easy to follow.

Happy Sewing!!!!