Organic Tofu Tikka Masala

Hello everyone,

On a recent grocery store trip….I was looking in the spice isle to try something new. I discover a organic low sodium seasoning packet for Chicken Tikka Masala. Since I love this dish….I thought why not give it a try but with tofu and that’s just what I did.

The packet gives you all the directions on what additional items, you will need to prepare the dish on the back (which I didn’t pay attention to until I got home). I zoomed right in on the nutritional fact’s and into the cart it went. So i had to improvise (we will get into that in a second). The packet serves 6.

I didn’t follow the packet directions exactly, so here’s where I improvised….. it calls for 3/4 Cup of Olive oil. I used 1/4 Cup Grape seed oil and 2/3 Cup of low sodium chicken stock (I just didn’t want that much oil in my dish). I also omitted the Cilantro (since I didn’t read the full label in the store I didn’t know I needed any) so I decided to used1/4 Cup of red, yellow and green peppers (I could have chosen to not use the pepper’s but I love them and just decided to add them). The packet also called for 8 oz. of tomato sauce….. I was out of tomato sauce and tomatoes… I used 1 Cup of Marinara sauce instead. I used organic tofu instead of chicken which was my initial twist on the dish. If you decide to use tofu as I did make sure it really firm. All and all this dish turned out really well.


Improvising turned out to be one delicious experiment!!!

Until Next Time,

Sewloveable ☺


Easy No Fuss Coconut Rice

Many years ago a friend had me over for dinner. She had a great dinner that included coconut rice. That inspired me to give it a try. The first time I made it, it turned out well……but after that first time….I just couldn’t get the consistency right. So a few days ago I decided to give it another try to compliment a dish I wanted to experiment with. Well it turned out great and I have been able to duplicate the process. The process is super simple that my youngest who is learning to cook, made it all by herself. So now it’s time to share.


1 1/4 C of Brown Jasmine Rice (or rice of choice)
3/4 C water
1 1/2 C coconut milk
1/2 tsp salt
1 Tbs Cane Sugar


In a medium pot add rice, water, coconut milk, salt and sugar. Stir to mix together.

Set the stove on high and bring to a boil. Takes about 5 minutes (make sure your top is on the pot).

Once it begins to boil immediately reduce to a simmer for 25 minutes. Once it’s done serve with whatever you like.


Enjoy & Until Next Time,

Sewloveable ☺