Michelle Obama Inspired Look

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L wren scott cardigan

Michelle Obama Season 5 Dr. Oz
I wanted to do an interpretation of Michelle Obama’s Look.

Sequin Clutch Re-fashioned from a Skirt

Finally, finally…….I made a Sequin Clutch/ Make Up Bag. This has been on my long list of projects and now I can scratch it off the list of many.

So for quite some time I have wanted a sequin clutch and make up bag. I received a black sequin make-up bag as a gift from Neman Marcus a few years ago. I love it soooo but some of the sequins are starting to come off.



So this was more of an incentive to overcome my fears of working with sequin fabric.

So last week while cleaning out my daughters closets I came across this sequin skirt. Which was now to short for either one of my young ladies, so I tossed it in the donate pile along with many other items. Once I was done cleaning and sorting and bagging everything up…….I thought why not re-fashion the skirt. Which I only paid $2.00 for from Burlington Coat Factory and turn it into a clutch/ make-up bag.

So I went straight to pinterest to find a tutorial an I found one by Sweet-Verbena that was exactly what I had in mind. Very easy to follow and didn’t take long at all.




To make your own version of the sequin clutch click here.

Enjoy & Happy Sewing!!!!!!