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I have a serious Ramen obsession! The nearest Ramen spot is 45 minutes to an hour away with traffic and there is always traffic. Since I don’t always have that kind of time on my hands.  I do the next best thing.  Try and make it myself.  Doing my research on authentic Japenese Ramen….a good broth takes hours to make.  Well, when you have an obsession like I do…..you don’t have that kind of time.  So with lots of trial and error…..I finally got the result I was looking for and it happens to be Vegan!

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This recipe yields 6-8 servings


Organic Millet and Brown Rice Ramen (here)

8 C organic Vegetable Broth (my DIY vegan broth here)

3 Tbsp organic chickpea miso

2 Tbsp amino acid ( or low sodium soy sauce)

1 Tbsp toasted sesame oil

1 tsp hoisin sauce

1 tsp organic granulated garlic powder

1 tsp organic granulated onion powder

1/2 tsp organic ground ginger

For veggies, use whatever fresh organic veggies, mushrooms and or tofu if you desire.  I opted for bok choy, spinach, and green onions. I serve this dish family style. Cutting up all the ingredients to go in the Ramen and letting each person decide what they wanted.


  1. Cook your ramen noodles according to the package instructions. Drain and set aside.
  2. For the broth and all your ingredients.  Allow the broth to cook on a medium-high heat for 30 minutes. Allow the broth to cool a bit, then using a mesh strainer, strain the broth into a large bowl.

Now it’s time to enjoy. Ladle some broth into a bowl add your noodle and veggies of choice.


This recipe was a huge hit…..there was a lot of slurping going on….which was kind of music to my ears! Since it’s ramen……you definitely expect to hear a bit of slurping, which also meant it was Good!!

Now I can have my obsession whenever the mood strikes without all the traffic.

You can also feel free to check out my non-vegan ramen recipe here.

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