Let Me Be Honest

Hello everyone,

Today’s post is about a recent experience I had using The Honest Company Products. Recently The Honest Company advertised that you can try out a sample bundle of their products for free. The only thing you would have to pay is the shipping cost of $5.95. So I went to the website and signed up. One stipulation is you must cancel, any further orders within 7 days of receiving your sample bundle.

The order takes about a week or so to arrive. One down side is that I never got a follow up e-mail, letting me know the order shipped or when I should expect it. I let that slide since all I had to pay was shipping cost. Once the package arrived I opened with excitement. I must say I love the packaging.


It arrives as pictured above. The first thing my daughter’s and I test out is the hand soap. Which was nice and had a lovely lavender scent. Then we tried out the face and body lotion which was disappointing. It lacked long lasting moisture. This is crucial as we live in an area with pretty cold winters and this lotion just can’t handle the job…..for us anyway. Next we tried the Organic Healing Balm. It has a nice consistency but doesn’t smell the best. I would not use this for that reason. Later in the week I tried out the shampoo, it was pretty decent. I have natural curly hair an I really appreciated the fact that it doesn’t have harsh chemicals that can damage my fragile curls and it smells like orange -cream. Now I will say, I still like Trader Joe’s Nourish better as it is less drying to my curls. But all in all I may use the shampoo again. Last on the list is the Multi Surface Cleaner which also smells like orange-cream. I prefer Seventh Generation or my DIY cleaning products. I have to use less elbow grease when cleaning with those cleaning products.

All and all the bundle will not work for me as the products I really could use, don’t meet my needs. I will say that the representative I spoke with to cancel any further bundles was very helpful and pleasant. If I had children in pampers I would definitely use the products for pampers and wipes. But since I don’t have children in pampers this service isn’t for me.

If you’ve used or use The Honest Company Products…..what’s been your experience?

Until Next Time,

Sewloveable ☺