Get off my Lawn!

Looking for a good laugh and love basketball………then this post is just for you!

Thanx Dave!

Big men taking charges,


Everyone is flopping,

What’s happening to my beloved NBA?

When European players entered the NBA, and I mean in real force, back in the mid 90’s — to the early 2000’s, you could see a change. Some positive — such as spacing, an emphasis on bigs who could shoot, versatility with the pick and pop.

Unfortunately for those from that side of the globe they were labeled soft, mainly because of a single trait that infected the league —flopping. 

Flopping is like finding a loophole that gets you out of a jam, then suddenly, everyone exploits that same loophole for their personal gain. I feel a sense of embarrassment every time I see players do it. The funniest part, is witnessing players act tough, as though they  want to fight, 2 minutes after going down like they were hit by a sniper round.

 I can’t even blame the new generation (you’re off the…

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