Vegan Carrot Cake

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I decided to try my hand at making my favorite dessert Carrot Cake. I tried my hand at Carrot Cake a few years ago……it did not go well. In fact, after it baked, cooled and was taste tested it went right into the garbage.  So, today I set out to redeem myself. I can’t have my daughter’s teasing me about my 1st Carrot Cake fail forever….LOL.

Since I am trying to cut back on traditional wheat and use more ancient grains like Spelt I thought I would try using it in Carrot cake. I love how light this flour is. It’s still wheat….just a different type.

Spelt has not been manipulated to meet manufacturing needs. Spelt is one of the oldest cultivated grains tracing is roots more than 6,000 years back to ancient Mesopotamia. Spelt has kept many of its original characteristics which provide an impressive nutritional profile, along with ease of digestibility leading to anti-inflammatory qualities. For more information check out the source I referenced here.

This recipe is very versatile. You can make a cake, loaf or muffins. Top with icing, powdered sugar, streusel topping, or no topping at all. Having options is a great thing!

Alright…..let’s dive right into the recipe.

2 C organic Spelt Flour or AP

2  1/2 C organic shredded carrots

1 C organic unsweetened applesauce

1  1/4 C organic cane sugar

1/2 C avocado oil ( or oil of choice)

1/2 C organic raisin

1  1/2 tsp baking powder

1 tsp baking soda

2 tsp organic cinnamon powder

1 tsp organic nutmeg

1/2 tsp organic ground clove

1/2 tsp organic ground ginger

1/4 tsp Pink Himalayan salt

2 tsp organic vanilla extract

Streusel Topping (optional)

1/ 4 C organic spelt flour ( or AP)

1/3 C organic brown sugar (DIY HERE)

1/4 tsp organic nutmeg

1/2 tsp organic cinnamon

3 tsp organic vegetable shortening

Combine everything together to get at nice crumbled streusel topping.


  1. Preheat oven to 350F and lightly grease a 9-inch cake, loaf or muffin pan.
  2. Mix together the (dry ingredients) flour, baking powder, baking soda, salt, cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, and ginger.
  3. In a separate bowl mix together (wet ingredients) applesauce, sugar and vanilla extract.
  4. Add in the wet ingredients to the dry and mix until just combined. Fold in the carrots and raisins.
  5. Sprinkle your streusel topping across the top Bake 9-inch cake 35-45 minutes, loaf pan 1hr-1hr 15 minutes, and muffins 20-25 minutes or until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean. Let it rest for about 10 minutes before removing the from the pan.


Oh and yes…..I did redeem myself. Now my daughters can leave their jokes in the past, this recipe was truly a winner.

I hope you will give this recipe a try and enjoy it as much as my family and I do.

Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by, I greatly appreciate it.

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