MSG Is Hiding Under Different Names And It’s Not Just In Your Food

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I recently shared a post about the dangers of MSG and why you should avoid it. If you missed it you can check it out here.

Today, I am sharing an article that shows the many names MSG is disguised under. Needless to say after reading it and doing my own additional research I had to clean house.

It was in some of my supposedly health hair products, natural supplements etc. I encourage you to check out the link below so that you are aware. Let’s help each other be healthy and happy!

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Super Quick and Easy Natural Hairstyle

So I just wanted to share a quick natural hairstyle that only takes minutes.  I did this style on freshly washed and detangled hair.

DSCF2308 DSCF2309

I simply did four Ghana Plaits/ African Threading in the front and gathered it all into a puff.  It only took a few minutes a great style to last for the week.  Needless to say my daughter was very pleased with her quick and cute new style. To learn the technique of African Threading aka Ghana Plaits check out my past post/tutorial here.

Enjoy!!! 😀