Chocolate Chip Tortilla Grilled Cheese

Hello all,

Over the weekend my youngest couldn’t decide what she wanted for lunch. So I had an idea, to make a similar sandwich to something Giada De Laurentiis from the Food Network made. Giada made a Panini with chocolate and brie cheese. My daughter suggested tortilla instead of bread. We used Muenster instead of Brie because it’s her favorite and semi-sweet chocolate chips like the original recipe. She loved it, my guess is because all her favorite thing’s taste great together. Nothing like a little salty and sweet all in one. So here’s to trying new things and it actually turning out successfully!!!!!


Flour Tortilla
Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips
Muenster Cheese
1/2 tsp of unsalted butter

In a pan on medium heat add your butter. Lay your tortilla in the pan, next lay your cheese and handful of chocolate chips, lay your other tortilla on top.

Cook until golden brown and then flip to get the other side golden.

Cut, let cool a little and enjoy.

Until Next Time,