African Threading Natural Hair Protective Style

About 3 years ago my daughters an I went Natural and we did the big chop together. My girls were tired of perms…….so I said let’s go natural… more chemicals. Such a wonderful choice. So before I had us dive in I did my research.

After reading lots of material and watching many YouTube videos. I was ready but not sure if my girls were up for the big chop. Shockingly they were game and we did it together, which made it a even greater experience.

Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago…..while on YouTube looking simple and quick protective styles. I stumbled upon African Threading.  I have been eagerly wanting to give it a try. So last night I set aside the time. I absolutely LOVE THIS TECHNIQUE.
It’s a great way to stretch the hair and a wonderful way to do protective styling. I like it better than a twist out.  I look forward to trying this again. For my first time it turned out pretty well.

Oh before I forget you can buy the thread at your local beauty supply store.  It’s the same thread used to sew in weaves, which is also the same thread used on  Serger Sewing Machine. I discovered this when I went to buy it at the beauty supply. So if you can’t find it at the beauty supply, check your local craft stores.  Your craft stores will have more color options which will allow you to better match your hair color. The beauty supply only had black. Be sure that the thread is 100% polyester. You can get 3000 yards for around $3.00 give or take.  It looks like this.


Here is the quick protective style




To learn this technique check out the following video tutorial’s by  GirlsLoveYourCurls




This video will show you how to remove the African Threading


Enjoy!!!!!! 😀