Oh Wow What A Lovely Aroma

Hello All

So here is my latest discovery from Pinterest.  I am always looking for sublte fragrances for the home. I love candles but I always feel concerned that I will forget all about it. No one wants to travel down that path. I recently bought a new candle warmer and love that but after a few day’s it just wasnt as great as the first day. Thanks to Pinterest I have found a wonderful way to bring a subtle and wonderful fragrance into the home.


Pour 1/4 Cup of Downy Unstoppables into the cap provided.


Pour the Unstoppables into your candle warmer


Tada…..there you have a wonderful fragrant home. The Unstoppables melt like a candle but the fragrance last much longer without being over powering. I hope you give it a try.

Enjoy & Until Next Time,