Life Changes

Hello all,

Today, I decided to share a little bit of myself. In February of this year I watched a video that truly helped me to make significant changes, in not only my life but the life of my family as well. Hungry for Change was the video that woke me up and I decide to make changes for the better. I thought my biggest obstacle would be getting my children on board. To my surprise allowing them to watch the video for themselves and not simply hearing it from ME…..made all the difference.  The video talked about the importance of eating as healthy as possible. Not just simply eating fruits and vegetables but eating the best quality fruits, vegetables and meats possible. Which would mean eating a mostly organic diet and not eating food like foods which have become the norm aka pre – packaged low to no nutritional value foods. I am happy to report that since February we have been eating a 80% organic diet.

My goal as a parent and for most parents, is too shorten the learning curve of our children. To present them with valuable information so that they can make wise decisions earlier in life.  It warms my heart to see my children reading ingredients on things and making an educated decision on whether it’s something they should fuel  their bodies with.  Now, I will admit that eating healthier certainly takes a little planning.  For example making sure that we travel with healthy snack.  That healthy item’s are available to grab and go and most importantly not stressing out over prices. Organic foods are definitely more expensive.  So, when I pick up a dozen pasture raised organic eggs at $6.99 a dozen I keep in mind it’s about proper nourishment for the body and all that goes into Organic Farming. Which we got a great peek into from a video entitled Farmageddon and visiting local Organic Farms. Sometimes just knowing what goes into something can really make all the difference.  Cheers to positive lifestyle changes and much success to all who make those changes!!!! 

I would love to know what others do to get themselves and there families on board with living a healthy lifestyle.

All the best & Until Next Time,

Sewloveable ☺