My Super, Easy & Delicious DIY Version of Panera Bread’s Sierra Turkey Sandwich

Hello everyone,

Welcome to Tasty Tuesday!!

I wrote a post on a wonderful find…….. Chipotle Vegenaise.

This find led me to a great idea. ┬áMy kids LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Panera Bread’s Sierra Turkey Sandwich.

I decided to re-create the sandwich that they love at home.

So here is all you will need to re-create this yourself.

Chipotle Vegenaise

Focaccia Bread with grated cheese ( I used)

Turkey Slices

Lettuce and Red Onion

Now all we need to do is assemble

Slice your bread and add 1/2 -1 tsp on each slice

Next add 3 slices of turkey like so

Add your lettuce and onion on top


Serve with chips of your choice.


Now kick back and enjoy.

Until Next Time,