Just say No to MSG

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I truly enjoy sharing information that will help us all live a life of good health. Check out the link below and see all the reasons you should avoid MSG and all of the foods it’s hidden in!


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5 Free Ways to Increase Blog Traffic

Jay Colby

Whether you are blogging for a hobby, for the community, promoting your business or to get your message out to the world. We all need readers to find our site and actually read the content we publish. However, generating traffic is easier said than done without having sufficient traffic we cannot turn our dream of quitting our job and blogging full-time into a reality. While there are numerous paid options to choose from, if you can do something for free why not. Here are five free ways to gain traffic to your blog!

  1. CoPromote

This is a super simple tool anyone can use to boost shares on social media. First you sign in through your social media of choice Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Once you’ve signed in you “boost” a post thus simply adding your post to the community queue to be shared. Now, in order to reach as many…

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Blogger Meet & Greet

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Today I want to switch thing’s up a bit. Instead of sharing a recipe or DIY, I want to do a meet and greet. The goal is for you an I to network and find other blogs we have yet to discover and show support.  All you need to do is leave a comment below with the name of your blog and what you blog about.

Happy Blogging and let the networking begin!!!!

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Just want to say Thank You

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Today’s post is about being Thankful. I am so grateful for the support and kindness that has been shown to me/this blog. I, also appreciate seeing the creativity from other blogs. All the wonderful inspiration that blogger’s share is truly amazing.  Thank you all for making this blogging community exciting, inspiring, kind and simply put a wonderful place for sharing information, creativity and idea’s. It’s the fact that we each bring something unique to this community, that makes it so great. I look forward to sharing more and seeing all the great thing’s you each care to share.

Warmest wishes to you all. As always Thank You for stopping by, it’s truly appreciated.

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