Custom Little Black Dress

Hello everyone,

Recently, I had the opportunity to partner with a company called eShakti.  This company offers women the ability to get custom or off the rack clothing at a great price point.  I can honestly say that I am very impressed with this company. From the quality and price point of the clothing to the wide variety of sizes that they cater too. It is nice to work with a company who’s thinking of ALL women.

So I went online and found the dress I wanted.  This was not an easy choice as I liked so many items.  Now with my dress chosen it was off to take the necessary measurements.  With all my measurements taken, I ordered my customized dress.  I love that they have made customizing simple and affordable.  This is great for me as I am bustier on top and smaller on the bottom.  Which means when I am shopping off the rack I must go up a size to accommodate my bust.   Especially if it doesn’t have stretch.  The only problem with that is I am going to need it tailored to have a proper fit.  So, I have two options take it to be tailored (pricey) or do the alterations myself.  Well, I will say this I prefer to sew from scratch more so than I care to do alterations. Alterations can be a bit tedious for me. So I was extremely excited about the custom options.

When my dress arrived……the first thing I did was examine it.  To see if it looked as pictured and how the fabric felt.  The dress looked just as pictured and the quality was great. I then turned the dress to the inside I had to see the quality of the stitching, which is crucial in a garment.  I was so impressed….great quality stitching, which means this dress will last for many years.  Now it was time for the moment of truth…..the fit.  I tried the dress on and OMGGGGGGG. It fit like perfection….I was screaming with excitement.  Which sent my daughter’s rushing in to see……what in the world was happening.  When they saw me in the dress and smiling they knew it was screams of excitement. I can not give this company enough praise.  This was truly a great partnership worth sharing.





image is offering new customers $25.00 off your first order. And for all my lovely reader eShakti is offering an additional 10% off your order on top of the $25.00 off using the code “sewloveable”. The additional 10% is valid from 9/23/14 – 10/23/14.

A big thank you, for the additional discount….because this woman here LOVES a savings!!!

I would love to know, how important is fit to you? Do you have any off the rack struggles?

Until Next Time,

Sewloveable ☺