Stripes on Stripes

Playing with pattern is something that is growing on me.  In the past I have been terrified to mix prints/pattern and put pattern on pattern……..fearing that I would look like a total mess.  So today was a subtle try with stripes on stripes.


Royal Blue Striped Sweater with Sequins: Gap ($5.00 marked down from $54.95)

Blue striped and ruffled blouse(old): Gap ($5.00 marked down from $49.95)

Jeans: Old Navy ($7.00 marked down from $34.94)

Ballet Flats: Old Navy ($8.00 marked down from $26.94)

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A Tutorial to Draft & Sew a Pencil Skirt to fit your Body Measurements

Since I started sewing a little over 2 years ago. I have really enjoyed having things that fit my body based off of my measurements.  Sewing has truly become a wonderful hobby.  I love seeing my work come to life.

In this tutorial you will learn how to draft a pencil skirt pattern based off your own measurements, add darts, transfer pattern onto fabric, add an invisible zipper, blind hem by hand, attach the waistband and add a hook an eye.  I hope these step by step video’s are as helpful to you as they have been for me.

Another great resource for skirt pattern drafting and design is a book called Sew What! Skirts by Francesca DenHartog.  The book gives great tips on various topics of sewing along with steps for pattern making a pencil skirt, A-Line skirt and many other designs.   You should be able to find it at your local library or purchase it on Amazon.

Onto the tutorial

Here is my daughter wearing the Black Pencil Skirt I made for her back in the Fall.


Paired with A Hot Pink Polo Sweater from JCPenney for $10.99(click here).

Polo Sweater

Neutral Ballet Flats with Hot Pink Trim for $4.99 also from JCPenney they are $15.00 online (click here)

Hot Pink Ballet Flats

Now onto the Pencil Skirt Pattern Drafting Tutorial………Click Here

Next it’s time to take that pattern and transfer it to fabric click here.

Adding the darts for that nice tailored look click here

Let’s learn to put in an invisible zipper click here ( you can also use a regular zipper the choice is yours)  for a regular zipper click on this tutorial.

Here you will see how to sew the skirt together and the optional blind hem by hand. click here  If you don’t want to do a blind hem feel free to do a straight stitch on the hem as I did.

Final Steps adding the waistband and hook an eye closure click here

Thank you to Craftovision for the excellent step by step video!!!!

Enjoy & Happy Sewing!! 🙂