The Beautiful Thing About Fear Is, When You Run to It, It Runs Away – Robin Sharma — The Seeds 4 Life

Fear is more afraid of you than you are of it. And yet, it has such immense control over all of us. When did that happen, and why? Why are we so afraid of doing things, or of the outcome of doing things, that it keeps us from moving forward in life? Fears that we…

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Love At 1st Taste

Hello everyone,

Being the foodie that I am I had to share!

The question of the day……Do you believe in LoVe at 1st taste?



Thank you for stopping by I greatly appreciate it.

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What to Do On a Friday: Meet and Greet!!

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The Old Me vs The More Improved Me

Hello everyone,

Happy Monday!!!

I hope you had an enjoyable weekend. I wanted to share a quick story of the old me vs the more improved me.

I awake Saturday morning to…..”Mom” my cell phone isn’t working from my youngest.

I calm her down and immediately look into seeing if I can fix the issue. Her touch screen was black but would operate otherwise. After a few YouTube video’s and troubleshooting every possible avenue, that I thought possible….nothing would work permanently.

I get on the phone with my wireless carrier and after about 10 minutes of going over everything with them, they agreed to ship a replacement, that should arrive in a couple of day’s.

Old me…would have taken her phone, closed my bedroom door and went into the why Lord….not today. I have so many things to get done…I don’t have time for this…..then attempt to problem solve.




New me….left the hysterics behind and got right to problem-solving.

Sunday morning I am supposed to meet up with my mother. She calls I say I am on my way….or so I think.

I turn the key and my car won’t start….old me would have again gone into hysterics…Lord why me…I have so much to do today…I don’t need this stress.

New me…..figures out my battery is dead…which is annoying since the battery is only 2 years old. I look for my receipt, which I can’t find. So I get on the phone and the store where I bought it from was able to pull all my information up. I could get the battery recharged or replaced at no additional charge. This was great news….I get a jump and head over to the store. I opted for the battery replacement.

They pop the battery in and I’m off to finally start my day.

Leaving behind the hysterics and getting angry was quite refreshing and really worked in my favor. New me….still has a lot of work to do and I am just fine with that!

Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by, I greatly appreciate it.

Until Next Time,