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When I really love something I just have to share it with you! My family and I have been using diatomaceous earth on and off for over 10 years. My children love this stuff and thank goodness because it has so many benefits. Find out just what Diatomaceous Earth (Food Grade) is and all that it can do, courtesy of Dr. Axe!





Is your doctor really interested in getting you well???

All About Healthy Choices


As a patient, what is your intention when visiting your doctor? Do you want a diagnosis?Do you want to know what caused your condition? Do you want to know what measures you need to take to avoid the condition from returning or advancing? Finally, do you want a prescription? √√√ If you are not offered a prescription, do you feel your money was wasted on the visit?

If you said YES to wanting the prescription, what makes you think this adds value to the visit? Are you more interested in treating SYMPTOMS or CORRECTING UNDERLYING PROBLEMS? Do you believe most prescription medications FIX chronic problems or help MAINTAIN them? Do you care if the doctor intends to keep you on prescription medications for the rest of your life?

The reason I ask all these questions is because I have observed (as a physician) the average consumer’s…

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All About Healthy Choices


I frequently write about the importance of SELF VALUE. Some of us believe this concept is a “given.” This couldn’t be further from the truth. In this article, I’ll attempt to prove it!

Parameters need to be established to define SELF VALUE. I will use the following:

  1. Involvement

  2. Challenge vs Acceptance

  3. Actions

INVOLVEMENT: A person possessing a high degree of SELF VALUE is more aware of their surroundings and the impact it may have on life. For example, if a newspaper reported a story about local water or food contamination, this type of person might begin a “google” search on the topic to see if the story had merit. If it was determined to be a legitimate potential problem, the person with SELF VALUE would proceed to the next parameter.

CHALLENGE vs ACCEPTANCE: They would investigate to see if this contamination posed a threat; and if…

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