Just say No to MSG

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I truly enjoy sharing information that will help us all live a life of good health. Check out the link below and see all the reasons you should avoid MSG and all of the foods it’s hidden in!


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6 thoughts on “Just say No to MSG

  1. So interesting I came across this morning. I have been eating a Paleo-ish diet for almost a year and it has been great! Occasionally we eat out but not that often. Yesterday on a whim we decided to splurge and have Chinese food. I woke up this morning with a terrible headache like I had consumed an entire bottle of wine! My sinuses feel pressure although I’m not sick. I had trouble falling asleep and was up before the roosters. I wasn’t certain what was going on and after reading this I decided that perhaps it was the MSG! I certainly had not given this any thought and have every intention of jumping back on my paleo bandwagon this morning. This reinforces my decision that my healthy eating will remain. Thank you so much. Next time I decide to blow caution to the wind I will certainly consider MSG. You’re right I find this sneaky stuff in all kinds of things.

    • I am so glad you pay attention to your body. You knew immediately that your symptoms were related to something you ate. I get the exact same symptoms if I consume something with MSG as you do. My body let’s me know immediately.

      You’re right it is in EVERYTHING…I’ve found it in my natural hair care products and some of my so called healthy supplements disguised under its many different names.

      Thank you, for stopping by and I hope you’re back to feeling like your vibrant self very soon!

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