4 thoughts on “Weekly Wisdom 3 November

  1. ….if only people incorporated this belief in their lives… It is NOT easy to LIVE in this world. It is EASY to EXIST, but not to LIVE. It requires self understanding and a willingness to achieve whatever it is the individual wishes to achieve. The JUDGE is SELF and GOD. The ACTIONS or INACTIONS are CHOSEN by the individual. We can LIVE as complete a life as we WANT, or as EMPTY an existence void of purpose and passion. This is FREEDOM; freedom to CHOOSE our precious days on this planet.

    • Well said…..the problem is we are all in such a rush. The world of instant gratification. So, when it doesn’t happen right away we want to quit and give up. Why are we in such a rush???? Who fed us this thought and why does it stick with us so well?

      I’m learning to slow down and just enjoy the process each day. Some days are better than others….which is to be expected. Focusing on my passions and things that excite me….keeps me going and LIVING. Change for the better is not always easy but it’s always worth it!

      • I think the idea of competition and the need to rush to get ahead may be related to this inaccurate concept. EXPERIENCING LIFE, enjoying the PROCESS rather than focusing solely on the end result and SHARING success so people become incentivized to help others gain success in turn is a journey worth living. It’s NOT always easy (as you say,) but definitely worth it!

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