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Attitude is an interesting word that has a profound impact on our emotional well being. It can work in our favor or impede our ability to grow and develop. Surprisingly, many people with “good” attitudes often possess an over abundance. Conversely, many people with “bad” attitudes suffer from such significant positive emotion deficit, their attitudes create great self harm.


When it comes to good health, those with GOOD ATTITUDES do what is necessary to achieve the quality of life they choose. They do not place stipulations and terms to achieve their goals. They recognize that life has pleasurable and less than pleasurable experiences; both of which need to be completed in order to attain the goal(s). They don’t focus on or complain about life’s “less than pleasurable tasks or experiences.” They realize and accept their situation and pursue it as positively as possible to make the…

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9 thoughts on “ATTITUDE

  1. I always say that an attitude makes or breaks a person – if someone has a bad attitude it completely turns me off of them whether that be co-workers, friends or family. A good attitude makes everyone feel comfortable and want to share experiences together. Great post!

  2. Generally speaking I have a pretty good attitude. I had to retire early when I realized that I was developing a negative attitude due to my work environment. Good attitude is back and my husband is most appreciative although he supported me through it all. Great post.

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