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Sewing Machine

Today I wanted to do something a little different than my usual reveal of my latest sewing project.  I wanted to share a bit of my story on how I got into sewing in the first place.

Let me start off by introducing myself.  I am Timeka the mother to two wonderful daughter’s Taylor & Taryn. We are the 3 musketeer’s.  Their father and I ended our relationship many years ago, as a result I have been raising our girls as a single parent.  I have contemplated writing this many times. I often think about how much to share and not share. I am such a private person……but a part of me wants to open up and share a bit more.  So now that I’ve gotten that out of the way I can exhale and smile once again.

For years and years, I used to say that I wanted to learn to sew but never really had the time.  Then one day my girls said…..”hey mom do you think that we can take a sewing, class?” So in September of 2010 I enrolled them in their first class at Joann Fabric’s.  We were all excited the first project was a pillowcase.  They enjoyed picking out the fabric’s and supplies they needed.  The teacher of the class was so nice and the class ended up with a total of 4 girls.

As the class was about to begin and I headed out, I saw that the teacher was looking a little flustered with trying to give direction to all 4 at once.  So, I briefly interrupted and offered to assist her in any way I could. Now my only prior sewing experience had been 1 semester in high school. Which was a loooonnnngggg time ago…lol….and the only thing I remember about sewing class….is that I made a pillow….lol.

The class ended up going really well and I was able to assist far more than I thought I would. Each of the girl’s completed a really cute pillowcase.  I didn’t realize it at the time…..but this day would be my first step back into sewing.

Pillow case

A few weeks later the girls had another class this time they made a cute little bag’s out of bandana’s and this time….the teacher asked me…..do you want to help out again.  Of course I agreed….it was a good thing I did because the instructor accidentally burned her hand on the iron. Fortunately, I happened to have some aloe vera gel in my purse and the instructor was able to finish the class. For all those who wonder why women carry so many thing’s in their purses……here’s a great example……someone may be in need of the 1 million and 1 items we carry inside…..lol.

Here is the completed project from that class.

Sewing1 Sewing2

My daughter’s were really enjoying the classes.  They liked going home and putting to use the things they were making. So I enrolled them in the next level class. Making pajama pants. They were really excited.

The day of the class we were out of town visiting my brother and his family.  Fortunately, he is just a few hours away, so we would be back in time for the class.  I got a phone call as we were heading back home saying that the class was canceled. There were not enough kids enrolled in the class for it to be held.  The next class would be a month away so, I decided to see if I could make the pants myself.

I did a little research and found a sewing machine that met my checklist.  I ended up going with Brother’s Project Runway edition machine.  It was affordable and said to be a great beginner machine.  Before I could start on the pants I had to get acclimated with this machine.  Thankfully that part came pretty easy.

Now I needed to understand the pattern.  This part would be harder than I thought. I was totally confused when it came to understanding the pattern….so I got online and found a great blog, that gave great step by step guidance on how to make pajama pants.  It took me 2 days but the girls had pajama pants.  They were excited…..I was excited.  It was great, they were a little on the long side but they fit and I made them.  From there…..there has been no looking back.  I am learning and sewing every chance I get and I love it.  I may not love those moments of frustration, when I mess up or I am trying to understand something new but in the end pushing through and finishing each project is exciting every single time, just like it was the 1st time!

Sewing has been such a great outlet for my creativity and I truly enjoy it. I love that blogging has given me a place to share my love of sewing and be inspired by so many other’s. This blog is also a great way for me to track my progress and let my creativity flow.

I would love to know…..how did you get into sewing?

Thank you so much for stopping by and letting me share a bit of my story with you, I greatly appreciate it!

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27 thoughts on “Learning To Sew

  1. Hello Timeka,

    Thank you so much for sharing this very honest post, I really enjoyed reading this and I’m happy that I’ve gotten to know you better. I understand how it must feel for a private person, when trying to find a balance between not sharing too much and wanting others to know more about you.

    Your learning to sew story is very interesting.

    Hmmm, l remember what inspired my interest in sewing. I had given my tailor some fabric to sew me a dress that I’d planned to wear for a friend’s wedding. I gave her the fabric about 4 weeks before the event.

    I arrived at her shop a day before the wedding, and to my surprise, the fabric was still in the plastic bag that I dropped it in. She apologized and told me that she’d been overwhelmed by the volume of customer orders.

    She then promised me that I would leave her shop with a dress. I was intrigued, as the style that I’d chosen wasn’t simple.

    Indeed, about 4 hours later, I left her shop with my beautiful dress. I said to myself “sewing isn’t rocket science, I’m gonna learn” XD

    I agree with you, sewing is an outlet for my creativity that I really enjoy.

    • Thank you so much for your kind words. Lol….you and weddings…..I am glad you got your dress in the end. Thank you for sharing your story. I always look forward to your post/makes you’re fantastic inspiration!!!

  2. Thanks for sharing! I have the same feeling with my kids, your three musketeers only it’s 9! It was so nice to hear more about you! Sounds like you and the girls are close! I love the pillow cases as well. It is amazing the talents that we never know we have!! I think I told you I got a D in sewing in jr. high! So, I wish I could sew!!! But I surely cannot!!! Love this post! Those first project pillow cases would hmm look much different if I had made them!!!

  3. Thank you for sharing…

    When I think of a creativity outlet, really sewing definitely comes to mind. Don’t you just love it when you are at the right place at the right time. Sometimes we really need the extra push into what we can try. And by you showing up to those classes with your girls, was the push you needed. 🙂 Great story. Enjoyed readying it.. 🙂

    My sewing journey has been really interesting, I feel prompted now to blogg about it.. 🙂 Perhaps I will . hahahh But like you I wanted to do it for some time and never got around to it. Until one day while conducting a door to door survey I came across a lady that use to sew for my mother. She said that she was about to offer classes in a few weeks. I was like, I guess this is my opportunity. So I went to the 3 month crash course and enjoyed it. The creative juices were flowing continuously and in no time I bought a sewing machine and was practicing my own bits. That stopped for about 2yrs when I went back to school but soon resurfaced within the past 4 years and have since been among the things I do weekly.. I try to set yearly goals with my sewing and see where I can grow and what new projects I can try.. So far so good.. 🙂 I have come a long way. From sewing for myself to now being brave and making a few custom made pieces for friends and family. I must admit I have so much more to learn but taking the risks these past few years have pushed me in a better position to love my creativity!

    Just keep Sewing!!! Just keep sewing… soon those frustration are fruitful!


    • Thank you for sharing your story…I love it! You are absolutely right sew through the frustration…in the end it’s definitely fruitful. I have a lot to learn as well. That is what makes it interesting, it’s always something new to learn! Thank you so much for stopping by and being so kind….I greatly appreciate it! Happy sewing!! ☺

  4. Thank you for sharing! I’ve heard tidbits about your story, but hearing the full thing is great! I also took the pajama pant sewing class!

    My story is this:

    I was interested in fashion around nine, but I wanted to know how to sew my creations. I received a mannequin that year and a machine the next. My mom and grandma are both good sewers, so I learned from them. I’m still learning😀 Often, I deal with sewing machine problems, because I dive into a project too soon and don’t use the machine properly. I’m bad at taking care of machines, I have nothing to do with machines, and so cleaning and oiling annoyes me. Luckily, my machine doesn’t have to be oiled.

    I’ve noticed that since starting my blog, I’ve learned more about sewing by other bloggers, and my blog has been gaining attenion, which I’m super excited about. It’s hard being a young seamstresses, because you have to juggle sewing with busy life and homework, but I make it work!!

    • Great story! It’s wonderful to have helping hands from your mother and grandmother, when you need them. Life will always be about balancing your time….so please master that while your young…it will only make thing’s more manageable later! Keep up the great work Abi….your focus at such a young age is truly admirable! ☺

  5. So nice to hear your story! Thank you for sharing. Like you I have struggled with how MUCH to share, and admit to deleting a post a few days after publishing because I felt it was too much sharing! But at the moment I was struggling and wrote out of a need to “talk” to someone. I like learning more about the bloggers I follow- makes them more human! I love how you learned to sew… sounds like you just got right in there and ended up with a great hobby. I am sure your girls are pleased with what you make them. I know mine are!

    • Glad to know that I’m not the only one struggling in this area. Little by little I am finding the balance of sharing, what I’m comfortable with all the while letting people get to know a bit about me. This was kind of freeing. Yes, my girls are pleased and I’m so glad to know that yours are too! Thank you for stopping by. HAPPY THURSDAY!! ☺

  6. I got into sewing because I am 3rd generation – my grandmother used to sew, she taught my mum and in turn, I learned from my mother. My daughter is 4th generation. Thank you for sharing your story. Bit by bit my story has come out through my blog. I love sewing but need to spend more time doing it.

  7. Thanks so much for sharing love! It’s so nice to get to know you more through this post! I love when people share more about their lives 🙂

    I have been sewing since I was very young, probably about 10. I started with hand sewing clothes for my barbies and then graduated to tote bags on a machine, then clothing and costumes for myself. I kinda just started sewing it myself, and luckily my mom had sewn before as well so she helped me when I had questions!
    I continuously sewed til about 19 and then I went to hair school full time while working, got engaged, got married after school, and then lived in a tiny apartment that was so hard to sew in! I still sewed every once in a while after I got married.
    Last year we moved into a town home and now I have my own craft room! So I got back in to sewing and have been trying to “level up” in sewing by doing better techniques and finishes and learning as much about it as I can.

    Unfortunately, now I’m kinda in a sewing slump…the last few things I’ve made have been not wearable for me and it’s been so discouraging!
    I’m trying to figure out what to do to get back into it…

    • Thank you for your kind word!! ☺ I love your story. When I’m in a sewing slump…I will just happen to see something really inspiring and I can’t get it out of my head, until I make my own version of the inspired look. Happy sewing….you have a room waiting for you to make something beautiful in it! ☺

  8. I started sewing because I wanted to learn. And because I had a developing fascination with fabric and I wanted to see how far I could take it. You’ve definitely come a long way. What sewing machine do you have now?

      • I was using the Brother CS6000i, I was using it in Nigeria but on New Years Day, it stopped and refused to come back on. Tried to fix it, get it fixed, no luck. So I got a Flying Man, manual, extremely basic machine instead.
        I’m looking to get another electric machine next year *fingers crossed*- The Singer 9985 Quantum Stylist but I have to know how to use it so it doesn’t crash.

      • Oh no sorry to hear that. I had a Janome and it just stopped. It was cheaper to buy a new machine, which is how I ended up with the Necchi. I had to adjust to use it. It’s all metal, sews a lot faster than what I was use to but I got the hang of it. I hope you get your Singer!!! YouTube will probably have a how to video on it’s use. Best wishes!! ☺

      • Thank you! I actually used YouTube when I set up my Brother so I planned to do that. What I really need I guess, is instructions specifically geared to the electronic maintenance of the machine.

      • Ahhhh I see…..for me I try to clean the dust often and oil when needed. So far that has really helped me maintain things. If you learn any tips….please let me know.

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