DIY Chevron Jogger’s

Hello everyone,

Welcome to Thread It Thursday!!!


With every project, my goal is to improve my sewing skills.  I am a mostly self-taught sewist.  I have taken a few classes, but most of my sewing knowledge comes from books, blogs and youtube.  Which have all been great resources might I add.

Today’s area of focus is pattern matching. In the past I never even gave pattern matching a thought……well except one time prior when I made a plaid pleated skirt for my mom to attend an event.  After making that skirt for her, I never gave pattern matching any further thought.  Until now.

I had been promising to make my oldest daughter a pair of jogger pants for quite some time. She chose a lovely chevron print…..which meant I had to step up my sewing game a bit.  I needed to really make sure everything lined up all around. Now she could care less about the pattern matching, she’s just looking for a great fit.  But…….the one who is diligently working to improve my sewing skills has to at least try and make this look as professional as possible.

My pattern matching is not perfect, but I am pretty pleased with the outcome.  The more I practice and try new things the better I will get in time. If you would like to make these pants click here or for a similar pair click here.


I have to say that I really appreciate seeing all the inspiration and projects from other bloggers.  It motivates me to keep pushing myself to become better in all aspects of sewing, blogging etc.

Thank you for taking the time to stop by, I greatly appreciate it!!

Until Next Time,

Sewloveable ☺


29 thoughts on “DIY Chevron Jogger’s

  1. Great pattern matching! I love these pants and fabric! I’ll have to try and make these, I’ve only ever made pajama pants and those are easy, but I want to make some pants that I can actually wear around!

    • Thank you Abi, I am really working to improve my sewing skills. If you have made pajama pants….then these joggers will be a easy to make. They are just skinny at the legs like skinny jeans and you’re are inserting elastic at the hem. Thanks for stopping by, Happy Thursday!!!!

  2. Nice to meet another self-taught person! So much you can learn from YouTube and blogs! Thanks internet haha! Very impressed by your pattern matching – I am yet to brave that yet! Maybe I will give it a try!

    • Yes another self-taught sewist. How wonderful….I just checked out your blog, it’s really great. I look forward to seeing more!!! Thank you for the kind word and stopping by. Happy blogging!!!

  3. Hello,

    Your daughters are so blessed to have a sewista mum. 🙂

    It takes true attention to detail when one makes the extra effort to match the fabric print pattern while sewing. You did great, the centre back seam is invisible !

    The joggers are very pretty, and they fit her so well. I like the print on the fabric.

    Have a lovely weekend.

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