Davy College

Such a fantastic idea for the self-taught sewer.

Penrose and Seams

When I started my adventure in sewing, like hunkered down really started this past January, I had no specific plans except to sew as much as I possibly could. As the months progressed I realized I wanted more, I wanted to gain knowledge/skill in sewing and in design. The past six months I’ve definitely had moments where I’ve been frustrated I’m not in a place physically or financially to go back to school. I’ve also had moments where I’ve been frustrated I didn’t major in art or fashion design while I was in college. I still think 18 is too young to ask a kid what she wants to do with the rest of her life. Sometimes I fear I missed my “prime”. I try to tell myself it’s never to late to have new dreams or try new things. And not trying isn’t an option… that would be worse…

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