DIY Nautical Inspired Tote With Repurposed Leather Straps

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I am particularly excited about this post because I was able to repurpose an item to make this tote. Which cut down on the time it took to make this project. I admit it I’m an impatient sewer who loves to sew. Let’s dive into this project.

To make this tote you will need:

1/2 yd – 1 yd of outer fabric ( depends on the width of your fabric choice)

1/2 yd – 1 yd of lining fabric ( depending on width of your fabric choice)

1 leather belt as long as you can find ( I found mine at a local thrift shop for $1.50)

* For fabric choices I would recommend duct canvas, canvas, woven cotton for outer and the lining can be any of the previous mentioned or a nice quilter’s cotton


Cut your lining on the fold (18″ L X 17″ W)


Cut your outer piece on the fold (20″ L 17″ W)


With right sides together sew down each side of your lining fabric using a 1/2″ seam allowance. Next trim the seam and finish as desired ( i.e. overlock, pinking shears or zig-zag stitch )


Repeat the same steps from above on your outer fabric piece.

Next we are going to box out the bottom (* this step is optional)

Angle out the bottom edges of your lining.  Measure up 2″ from the pointed end and make a mark across ( use pins to secure into place. )  Sew across the marked area and finish seam as desired using any of the finishing methods mentioned above. Repeat these steps with your outer fabric.



Press all seams so that everything is nice and professionally finished.

Turn your outer and lining fabric right side out.  Place the lining inside the outer making sure to align at side seams.



Fold the outer fabric top edge over 1/4″ and press.  Fold it over again 1 1/2″ press and pin to secure everything into place. This method will enclose the raw edges of outer and lining fabric. Sew around close to the edge and give your stitching a good press.


It’s time for the final step. Attaching the leather straps aka leather belt. Cut off the buckle and then cut the other end of the belt to square it off.  Next fold the belt in half and cut.

Measure 5″ from each side seam and place your straps at this point (use clips to hold everything in place.) Your strap should not go below the seam line at the top of the bag.


Sew the straps on using the box with X  technique.


Your tote is all done and ready to use. I have a surprise for you…..your tote is reversible. Two bag’s in one!!!!!

To help keep your tote organized check out this tutorial here and if you want to make another tote bag check out this tutorial here.

I really enjoy hearing from you and would love to know how have you repurposed an item(s) into your sewing project(s)???

Thank you so much for stopping by, it’s truly appreciated!!!

Happy Sewing & Until Next Time,



7 thoughts on “DIY Nautical Inspired Tote With Repurposed Leather Straps

  1. I really like this idea. You are inspiring me to repurpose things as well! Question – do you line the inside of the do you get it to stay structured?

    • Yes the bag is lined and reversible. I used canvas as a lining for more structure. I have step by step info of how to make the tote in the post. I am happy to inspire….so many wonderful bloggers inspire me, so happy I can do my small part in return. Happy sewing and please feel free to ask any additional questions.☺

  2. These totes are great! I’ve been sewing tote bags like crazy since we’re going to Cape Cod next week and tote bags are wonderful for carrying stuff.

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