DIY Chanel Home Decor


My daughter’s were checking out the sales ad’s in the paper.  They saw the cutest tablet cover’s at a store called 5 Below. So we had to go out and buy them.

Inside the tablet cover’s were these inserts.


When I saw the inserts….it made me think of a DIY I recently saw on youtube by Anneorshine.

So let’s dive in……


Insert from a 5 Below Tablet or cut one out of cardboard
Mod Podge
Gold and Silver Glitter
Chanel No. 5 Perfume/Parfum Logo (goggle has many images)
Black Ribbon
Hot Glue Gun and Sticks
Masking Tape
Mod Podge Gloss Clear Acrylic Spray

Project Time:

Take the insert and tape off the neck of the bottle.  Add Mod Podge and shake on the silver glitter. Let it sit for a minute and then shake off excess glitter


Remove the tape an add Mod Podge to the rest of the…

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