Blogger Meet & Greet

Hello everyone,


Today I want to switch thing’s up a bit. Instead of sharing a recipe or DIY, I want to do a meet and greet. The goal is for you an I to network and find other blogs we have yet to discover and show support.  All you need to do is leave a comment below with the name of your blog and what you blog about.

Happy Blogging and let the networking begin!!!!

Until Next Time,

Sewloveable ☺


36 thoughts on “Blogger Meet & Greet

  1. Hello my name is Quintan and my blog is all about fashion and beauty! I love helping women to find the perfect style that works for them. I am also very good at putting looks together on a budget but you will look like you spent a lot! I am a stylist/style coach because I believe its important to teach my clients important tips on styling and shopping for their wardrobe. I would love to follow a blog that provide information on how to design your blog to make it better. What plug-ins to use and that work to help you sell products. I wish there were blogging classes.

  2. I blog at and i blog about the crafts I do and crafting whilst being chronically ill. But some book posts creep in as i love to read as well.

  3. Thanks for this opportunity and thank you for following my blog 🙂

    I mainly write about the lighter side of mathematics such as puzzles, mathematical oddities, number patterns, exciting math trivia, magic squares and other types of recreational mathematics. I also teach practical mental math shortcuts that would not only impress your friends but are also useful for everyday life. Finally, I also post tricks involving math that would make you appreciate the ingenuity of mathematics. Regardless of your mathematical knowledge, you will surely find something to enjoy in my blog. Check out my blog at:

  4. What a great idea! I am going around the world for a year with my family and so I blog about my experiences and photos (lots of ’em! too!). I try to work on it as often as I can but I am not a perfect blogger so I don’t post as frequently as many of you dedicated bloggers do 🙂 However, I am working on it and hope to become better at finding time to write and edit my blog 🙂 My blog is:

    Thx for your post sewlovable!

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