Easy DIY 1 Seam Circle Skirt

Hello everyone,

Welcome to Thread It Thursday and the New Year !!! I’m happy to share my first post of “2015”.


I am literally going in circles…lol. Over the past 2 day’s I was able to whip up 7 circle skirts. I have attempted to make a circle skirt so many times and failed. It just never turned out right. I just chalked it up to being a beginner at the time. Who had only taken a few classes at Joann’s Fabric and looked at a lot of blog’s and YouTube. So one day while on YouTube I see one of my favorite sewing blogger’s/vlogger’s made a really simple tutorial. So I thought I would give making circle skirts another try.


I made a few adjustments:

• Removed 1.5″ from waist
• Removed 1.5″ from waistband
• Added a yoga style waistband
• Elastic waistband (on one skirt)

Fabric :

Jersey Knit

Ponte De Roma Knit

Double Knit

1- 1.5 Yards of fabric


Also made the circle/skater skirt in the following fabric’s for my daughter’s.


I purchased my fabric from DenverFabrics.com. They have great quality fabric at great prices. I will link all the fabric’s that I used below.

Blue/Green Chevron here

Pink Chevron click here

Blue Leopard here

Fuschia Leopard here

Butterfly here

Black & White Heart Knit sold out

Tan Leopard sold out but similar in Jersey Knit here

This tutorial was very easy to follow. Which is how I was able to churn out so many skirts.

Circle Skirt Tutorial w/ Mimi G

Thank you for stopping by.

Happy Sewing & Until Next Time,



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