Easy Semi Homemade Spinach & Cheese Ravioli

Recently, I was at Whole Foods Market picking up a few thing’s. On my list was frozen ravioli. Initially I was just going to get cheese ravioli to make oven fried ravioli, click here for that recipe. But just as I was getting ready to close the freezer door I saw Organic Spinach and Cheese Whole Wheat Ravioli. I knew that I could use this to make a quick semi-homemade dish. So let’s get started. …


1 Bag of Spinach and Cheese Ravioli (or whatever type you desire)
Pan Seared, Boiled or Grilled Chicken
Marinara Sauce
Parmesan Cheese
Dried Oregano
Dried Basil


Cook Ravioli according to package directions.
Cook chicken tenderloins as desired and cut into cubes
Warm your Marinara Sauce

Now it’s time to plate……..
Add ravioli, place chicken on top, spoon on marinara sauce, sprinkle on parmesan cheese, oregano and basil.

This is a quick and very easy semi-homemade meal.


Enjoy & Until Next Time,

Sewloveable ☺


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