5 Steps To Accepting The Love You Deserve

James Michael Sama

If we look out into the world from the perspective of Stephen Chbosky’s Perks Of Being A Wallflower quote – “We only accept the love we think we deserve”, it seems as though there is a fair amount of people who don’t feel as though they deserve very much.

Toxic relationships are rampant to the point where they are accepted as “normal,” and happy couples are cast in a light of suspicion. Nobody can really be that happy together…can they?

Take a moment to consider just how unfortunate this mindset is. We live in a society that happiness and kindness are actually less accepted than mistreatment and struggle. This is a roadblock for many people, because they form an automatic distrust of those who are, in fact, the “good ones.”

So, how can we change this perception and actually accept the right love into our life after experiencing the 

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