Where is the Ginger in my Snap

Hello everyone,

I was in need of a good Ginger Snap Cookie…….I have a kitchen/recipe experiment, that I want to try……that needs ginger snaps cookies. So, I headed out to the store with my coupons in tow for pretty much all the items on my list. For me coupons for organic/natural products I actually use are a rarity. Fortunately…….I have been able to get a solution to my problem. If you’re looking for coupons for Organic/Natural items click here. I did a recent post to help……and you may know of some I don’t know of. Which is a win/win for us all.

Now let me get back on topic…..Ginger Snap Cookies. Tried a new brand(for cookies)…..really because I had a coupon and my family an I, LOVE the oatmeal. Country Choice is a great brand. Sadly the Ginger Snap cookie just didn’t live up to our taste expectations. It’s a good cookie…..it’s simply missing the Ginger to make it a Ginger Snap Cookie. It’s more like a Molasses Cookie. Now would I buy this cookie again…….yes, when I have a hankering for a Molasses Cookie. As far as my experiment goes…..this cookie just didn’t have the enough of the Ginger taste/flavor I needed.

I was disappointed, but only for a second. The cookie was organic and by a brand I really like. I quickly got over my disappointment because all that means is…..we can keep taste testing until we find, what we are looking for. Until then my quest continues. My question to you is……have you ever tried something that doesn’t taste like what it’s labeled to taste like……inquiring minds would love to know??????……


Until Next Time,

Sewloveable ☺


2 thoughts on “Where is the Ginger in my Snap

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