Musing This Monday

Unload and Unwind

being yourselfDo you like my little image for Monday courtesy of The Mind Unleashed?  I do but it is something that does take time to truly understand and appreciate.  The freedom that comes with the knowledge of knowing who you are and being content to be that person is quite refreshing in a world where perception and appearance has come to drive so many of us.

So much of our lives is spent worrying about the opinion of others.  In fact I’m sure more harm comes from attempts to edit ourselves so that we appear to have the best qualities currently thought to be worth having.  You did notice the ‘currently thought‘ little jab that I inserted there didn’t you?

It’s just that what is acceptable or correct or even desirable has changed, continues to change and it appears will always do so.  The fact that most people devote themselves to…

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