I love A Savings…….What About You?????…..

Hello everyone,

Recently, I found a wonderful blog called Hip2Save. She had a post that I had been looking for. Coupons for Organic and Natural item’s. …..thing’s I actually purchase.  I love a savings and I have no shame in admitting it. Thank you to the blogger of  Hip2Save , for introducing me to……Common Kindness. This website is great. They have a decent amount of coupons for Organic and Natural Products.  The best part is……just by using your coupons from this site you are giving back to various charities. How wonderful is that?!?! (For more details simply visit the website).

The next website I found courtesy of my local Organic Grocery Store……there is a website called Mambo Sprouts, which offers a nice selection of coupons for Organic and Natural item’s. I use them weekly when shopping. LOZO.com is another great website, simply type in your grocery list and it will pull up matching coupon’s. Hopster.com & Greenmomsmeet.com are a couple other fantastic sites. So if you are like me…….looking or wondering where are the coupons for Healthy foods and products, here are a  few websites.  I hope this is helpful to anyone wanting to save a bit of money on their grocery bill without having to be a maniac about it……no offense against anyone who wants to be a maniac about it…..lol. Do what works for you.

If anyone knows of any other sites besides Whole Foods or those mentioned above to get coupons for Natural and Organic Products, please fill us all in.


Until Next Time,

Sewloveable ☺


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