DIY A-line Lace Skirt

Hello all,

In my efforts to improve my novice sewing skills…..I decided to work with lace and satin for the 1st time. I also decided to NOT be intimidated by the 2 fabrics.  Now with that mind set, here is what I achieved with some moments of frustration and lots of patience.


To make a lace skirt of your own click here.

I would love to know….what fabric once intimidated you and how did you overcome????

Happy Sewing & Until Next Time,



4 thoughts on “DIY A-line Lace Skirt

  1. I always get intimidated by silk! It’s such a beautiful fabric but it never keeps its shape, it shifts and sometimes it’s totally out of control. It is always a challenge, so I only try to work with silk when I have enough time, when I’m relaxed and nobody disturbs my work. (like small kids jumping around ;-)) I can advise this, I let the fabric rest on the table for an hour or so before cutting. It will take its original shape and less pulling after sewing. But you seem to have overcome your fabric challenge very well!

    • Oh silk……I have yet to take that risk, your tips make me want to give it a try. Thank you, trying to improve my skills one project at a time. I sooooooooooo understand trying to sew without interruption…lol. 😉

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