Such a tragic ending

Hello all,

This post is in remembrance of a kind woman, who so lovingly shared her talent with all who love to sew or had an interest in fashion. Her DIYMEESHA Youtube videos made it easy for anyone wanting to learn to sew simple and easy to follow. I have featured a few of her tutorials here on my Sewlovable blog. She had such a kind a bubbly personality in her vlogs along with an abundance of love for her children. It is only proper to pay respect to this young woman, who inspired me with her skill. My condolences to the family of Tamisha Ridge for such a sudden and tragic loss. May we all learn to be kinder than necessary and treat each other with loving kindness, so that such tragedy does not continue to occur.




3 thoughts on “Such a tragic ending

  1. I looked up what happened to her. That is so sad and a reminder that we need to choose our mates carefully. Thank you for posting.

    • Yes very sad indeed. You’re absolutely correct we must truly choose our mates carefully and taking our time to do so. Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts.

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