Who Knew You Could Love Brussels Sprouts

Hello all,

As a child Brussels Sprouts was my most hated vegetable.  I remember having to sit and sit until I ate them.  When I did not my mother would save them for me for dinner the next night.  I just hated them.  A few weeks ago the family and I were out at dinner and I had Brussels Sprouts and I loved them.  So I decided to make them at home.  So now it’s time to share.



1 bag of frozen Brussels Sprouts

10 frozen Pearl Onions

2 Cloves of Crushed Garlic

1 Tbs of Grape Seed  or oil of choice

1/4 tsp Black Pepper, Red Pepper Flakes, Onion Powder

1/8 Cup of Water

1/3 Cup of Braggs Amino Acid  or Soy Sauce

The Amino Acid had far less sodium than soy sauce.


In a pan on the stove on medium-high heat add grape seed oil

Once the oil is warm enough add your Brussels Sprouts and Onions

Add the Amino Acid and water

Using a spatula, press the sprouts into the heated oil. Lower the heat to medium and cover the pan for a couple of minutes.

Remove the lid, add your seasonings and give it a good stir.

Let cook for another minute or so,  then transfer the sprouts to a serving dish.

Serve with whatever you like.

Enjoy & Until Next Time,



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