I know I am late….Downton Abbey

I have been hearing, how much people are in LOVE.  With a show called Downton Abbey. So I decided to see what the chatter was all about. All I have to say is I am HOOKED. I started over the weekend, with Season 1 Episode 1.
All I can say is…..Thank goodness Monday was a holiday and then two consecutive snow day’s off. Which allowed me to get up to date. Now I am ready for Season 4 Episode 4 this coming Sunday.  This show is what I call GREAT TELEVISION.  I couldn’t be more pleased.  This show is worth every second of buzz worthy chatter.

Poor sweet Anna…will she be able to recover????….


2 thoughts on “I know I am late….Downton Abbey

  1. Yes Sunday night is downton abbey and sherlock night. I thought about remaking some of the 20’s fashions feature on the show.

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