Cell Phone Glamour

I am glittering again…lol. I love, love a DIY where I can use glitter. So why not glam up my cell phone case.




This project only requires

◆ Cell Phone Case

◆ Glitter of choice

◆ Decoupage Glue (Like Mod Podge or my latest discovery. ..Aleene’s& Tracy Bautista Collage Pauge)

◆ Masking tape to create a design.

■ Clean your case and make sure it’s completely dry.

■ Tape off any area if adding a design.

■ Add your decoupage glue

■ Shake on the glitter to cover the desired area. Shake off.

■ Let it dry for 20 mins and then, coat again with your decoupage glue to seal in glitter. Let this dry for 20 mins. Now your case is ready to use.

Enjoy & Happy Glamming,



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