Janelle Monae Inspired Look

Have you ever just had one of those day’s where you’re trying to style your hair……but the style you desire is just not happening.  You try over and over, only to end up frustrated…..and you’re pressed for time. Ughhhh what is one to do…..I decided to take the same approach I use when sewing. I let the fabric do what it wants to do. So I let the hair do what it wanted to do. This is what came out of it.


To create this simply mist hair with water and oil of your choice….I used vegetable glycerin and styling gel of choice (my preference Eco Style Gel with Olive Oil in the green container).

I section enough hair for the bang and clip aside for now. I use my product and style the hair into an updo using a banana clip. Now I use my products to style the bang, sweep it to the side and use Bobby Pins to secure it into place.

Until Next Time,


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