Polka Dot Dolly Bow Headband Giveaway

Today I am in the giving mood. I must admit doing giveaways on my blog has been such a wonderful experience. I’m truly loving the sharing, kindness and creativity of so many bloggers.

So today’s giveaway is for a Dolly Bow headband.


I started designing these because they are the most comfortable and versatile hair accessory I’ve ever worn.

Onto the Giveaway……to win simply like or comment. The giveaway will run from August 19th-22nd.  With the winner being announced on August 23rd @ 1pm est.

Thank you to all who enter and best wishes.

A big Thank You to  Bianca of the blog The In Between Girls, who wore a cute outfit featuring a bow tie from a giveaway I did a few weeks back c/o Jonesmos.



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