That Point in a Relationship When You Are Comfortable Enough to Fart

Funny…yet true 😀


This post is pretty random and honestly just a thought I had today. My husband is probably going to kill me for some of the things I am about to say.

The beginning of relationship is awkward. You are trying to be yourself but at the same time trying to hold back certain things that might scare them away. Some examples might include certain bodily functions, maybe you might spontaneously jump into song and dance (I know a friend, you know. Not me???), or perhaps you have a particularly annoying habit you’re aware of. Isn’t it magical, though, when you come to the part of a relationship where you can freely fart and not be embarrassed.

This brings us to story time. Cody and I had been dating for maybe two months. We were laying in bed watching a movie. It had become a habit for Cody to drink a…

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