DIY POLKA DOT T-SHIRT Tutorial and Fabric Giveaway

I love POLKA DOTS……..and one day while on pinterest I came across a super easy DIY Tutorial for making a POLKA DOT T-SHIRT.
The best part I already had all the supplies I needed on hand.   So lets get started.



* Fabric Paint ( I used Tulip brand)
* Solid Color T-SHIRT
* Circular Sponge paint brushes  (I purchased the Martha Stewart Sponges from Jo-ann Fabric’s…..remember to use your coupon on this item. I believe her assortment pack was $9.99 and with my coupon I paid $6.00.)
* paper plate
* cardboard




Next I open my shirt and pulled it across my ironing board sliding my cardboard underneath. You will need to work on one layer of the fabric at a time, this includes the sleeve if you choose to do them.

Pour a portion of the paint onto the paper plate and dip your brush into the paint and press your dots onto the T-SHIRT.  Repeat this all over the shirt. Always making sure you have cardboard under the surface your working on. I gave each section I worked on 5 minutes to dry before working on the next. Once your done and the paint is 100% dry. Throw it in the dryer to set the paint for 20-30 minutes. Then it’s ready to wear.

To wash turn inside out and wash as usual. Line dry or toss in the dryer.

A big thank you to Merrick’s Art Blog for the inspiration and tutorial. If you have not checked out her blog please do. She is sensational at re-fashioning and diy sewing tutorials.

Enjoy and Happy Diy(ing)

Now for the Giveaway…….

This is my first giveaway an I am very excited.  This Giveaway is for 1 yard of Amy Butler’s Fabric from her “Lark” Collection Called Souvenir Mineral. It is 100% Cotton in Aqua and Yellow 44/45″ wide.

To enter to win just leave a comment that you would like to be entered.  The giveaway will run from June 25, 2013- June 28, 2013.  The winner will be announced on June 29, 2013.  Congratulations in advance to the wonderful winner to be.


4 thoughts on “DIY POLKA DOT T-SHIRT Tutorial and Fabric Giveaway

  1. I love your polka dot shirt! Thanks for the tutorial and for the awesome giveaway. Anything by Amy Butler is delightful!

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