Ok so one of my good friends was interested in turning her jean jacket into a vest.  So I explained it over the phone but when the weekend came and it was time for her to do it, she was nervous.  This would be her first DIY EVER.  So I decided to make a tutorial and show her just how easy it would be, by making my daughter her requested vest.

The easiest DIY I have ever done.
I ordered my daughter a new Jean Jacket, and she wanted the old one turned into a vest.


Simply cut along the sleeve seam line.


Do this to each sleeve.



Ta da your all done!!!!

Now the only thing you need to do is pair it with a great outfit.




Here my daughter has paired it with a yellow tank top, diy pink high low maxi skirt.

Now back to my friend…….she followed the tutorial and made the vest.  It turned out great and she was able to wear it to the JAZZ FESTIVAL as she planned…….now she is looking to re-fashion another item from her closet…….I think she may be hooked…..LOL.

Happy DIY(ING)!!!!


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